Florida’s Blue Holes

Mote Marine Laboratory scientists along with a team of collaborating institutions (Georgia Tech, Florida Atlantic University/Harbor Branch, Montana State University, and USGS) and a team of volunteer technical divers just completed their final week’s worth of research cruises to explore a unique, scarcely studied, underwater landscape on the West Florida Shelf — one whose impact on the Gulf has yet to be characterized but is likely very important — Florida’s blue holes.

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Projects M2 Explore Located in Madison County, the M2 Blue cave system was discovered by Buford Pruitt in the early 1990s and initially explored by him with Mark Long and Fred Davis. Further exploration has occurred sporadically since then by several other teams. Most exploration prior to 2010 has concentrated on the upstream end of

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Deep Salt Springs

Projects Deep Salt Springs Werner Boyce State Park Explore Deep Salt Spring is in Werner Boyce State Park in Port Richey, Florida.  The cave is in a tidal marsh on the Florida Gulf coast along a popular kayaking trail approximately 100 feet upstream the “Tidal Waterfall” which is a natural limestone bridge that can be

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Rock Bluff Spring

Projects Rock Bluff Spring Explore Famous for the incredibly tight entrance to the main spring head, Rock Bluff is an exciting and seldom visited cave system on the Suwannee River near the town of Bell in Gilchrist County Florida. The cave is located on property owned by the Suwannee River Water Management District and managed

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Manatee Spring

Projects Manatee Spring Explore Manatee Spring is located in Manatee Springs State Park in Chiefland. From the main parking lot, approximately 200 feet of sidewalk leads to the headspring. This first-magnitude spring has strong flow, creating a significant boil during most times of the year. The spring pool measures 60 ft north to south and

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The Cracks

Projects The Cracks Explore The Crack is a cave system located off the Withlacoochee River in the Twin Rivers State Forest. Cave diving access is not open to the public. The hallmarks of the system include restrictive entrances and a fissure crack (joint) in the front of the cave where the depths drop from 30ft

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Projects Madison Explore Madison Blue Spring State Park is a popular dive site located near Lee, Florida. There are two main entrances to the cave system – the headspring and Martz sink. Both are accessible from the state park, both for permit dives and the general cave diving public. In addition to these two entrances,

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Weeki Wachee

Projects Weeki Wachee Explore Twin D’s (Little Spring) is in Weeki Wachee about half a mile south and east of the Weeki Wachee Mermaid Theater. There is a hiking trail leading from the Kayak Parking area to the spring for park goers to walk to Twin D’s. There is no public drive up access. The

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