Cave Fauna Research

KUR has collected fauna samples from the system for analysis by biologist Dr. Tom Sawicki and Dr. Paul Moler. The data collected is aiding in the study population genetics of the stygobitic amphipods: Crangonyx hobbsi and C. grandimanus. These two species are found only in submerged cave systems of Florida. Analysis of these two organisms is an excellent way to trace genetic flow throughout the aquifer as well as gain clues to the interconnectedness of cave systems.

“The data from this research can be used by scientists such as systematists, evolutionary biologists, ecologists, and conservationists in academia, as well as within those government agencies charged with groundwater management and the protection of this unique natural resource. The collaboration of citizen science with groups such as KUR and academia provides a wonderful way for people to collaborate and affect change to help conserve the environment we enjoy and share.”

-Tom Sawicki PhD 2014

Dr. Tom Sawicki prepares amphipod samples for genetic research:

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