Wes Skiles
Peacock Springs State Park

Peacock I, II, III, Bonnet and Orange Grove Sink are all dive sites located in Wes Skiles/Peacock Springs State Park in Luraville, Florida.  All but Peacock II have cave and caverns to dive and they are some of the most popular cave diving  sites in the world.  Peacock has 9 entrances/exits in total–6 are accessible which make it a complex karst system.   World-renowned for cave diving, Peacock is a beautiful maze of passage with a well established system of guide lines and a manageable average depth that make it possible to spend hours and hours underwater for several days in a row and see a new section of cave every time.  Peacock is great for training cave and cavern divers and nearly any given day instructors and students take advantage of the resource.  KUR focuses their efforts on Peacock III and Bonnet. Peacock III is the deepest area of the system at 204 feet.  It is also a siphon: the water flow is in to the cave and towards an outflow–an outlfow the team is looking for.  Currently PIII (as it’s commonly known) is over 8000 feet in linear penetration and is still going passage.  PIII can be challenging as it will siphon river water during higher water levels which will make the system un-diveable and even during normal water levels it will siphon the spring water from Peacock which can be widely variable.  Bonnet has a separate gated entrance and is extremely senstive to rainfall.  The team believes there to be additional exploration at Bonnet but needs to have an opprotunity only Mother Nature can provide in order to explore further.

Facts of  Wes Skiles/Peacock Springs State Park

  • Max Depth: 204 feet

  • Surveyed passage: About 40,000 feet and growing

  • First Dived by Vasco Murray in 1956.

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