Hardee Spring

Hardee Spring (aka Rossetter Spring) is located on the east side of the Withlacoochee River, approximately 11.5 miles northeast of Madison, FL. Water emerges directly from a small cave at the base of 25 ft high limestone and sand banks. The small, circular pool is 15 ft in diameter. The depth of the spring measured near the cave opening is 4.5 ft. The water in the run is generally slightly turbid, greenish colored, and has abundant filamentous algae. The shallow run is L-shaped and it flows 60 ft south then turns sharply west, flowing another 60 ft until reaching the river. It has a sand and rock bottom with some detritus deposition. There is a 3 ft high, man-made, limestone wall at the mouth of the spring run intended to capture water for swimming. State-owned land around the spring supports a well managed pine forest.

Hardee Spring Details:

  • Max Depth: 100 feet
  • Surveyed Passage: about 3500 feet And Growing

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