Lineater Spring, located in Suwannee County, is a unique system with a rich history of exploration. Originally explored by Guy Bryant and Lee Sams in 1981, the Lineater system has continued to live up to its name and just won’t stop eating more line. Currently explored to 25,424 feet from the river spring entrance (18,955 feet from the furthest upstream entrance, Judy’s Bridge), Lineater continues to show new and unique cave passages. Many cave explorers, including Sheck Exley, have speculated that Lineater may connect to Cathedral due to the similar water quality and strong flow.

In September 2016, KUR was able to negotiate inland access to the Lineater cave system. Before we could make any dives, Hurricane Hermine came through and felled several large trees blocking the access roads to Burnice Sink and the spring. As of Summer 2017, KUR has installed a decompression habitat near the entrance to the cave, and continues to push the end of the upstream line along with multiple other leads.

Facts of Lineater

  • Max Depth: Info Coming
  • Surveyed Passage: Info Coming

You can read more about the history of Lineater Spring on Guy Bryant’s blog:

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Goals & Objectives:

  • Continue exploration and survey

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