3/12/2016 Deja Vu Passage

On Saturday, March 12th, Ted McCoy and I added and surveyed 952′ of line in the Post Mortem section of Weeki Wachee/Twin Dees cave system. The Post Mortem section was originally explored in November 2014 by Andy Pitkin and Matt Vinzant. Andy and Matt noted several leads in this deep maze-like area so the plan

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2/27/2016 Deeping Stream

On Saturday February 27, 2016, KUR divers Brett Hemphill and Matt Vinzant conducted a dive to investigate a potential lead identified on February 13 by Pitkin and Vinzant. The lead was located at the end of the recently discovered ‘Sirion’ Passage in the ‘Not Dead Yet’ room. The entrance shaft at Twin Dees is restrictive

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2/13/2016 New Exploration in Weeki

This lead finally got explored. Brett and I had noticed it on more than one occasion during the 2012 Weeki Wachee diving window and at the end of what was to prove our very last dive there before the rain drove the flow too high to enter, Brett took a look at this deeper opening

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1/30/2016 Deister’s Disappointment

On Saturday January 30, 2016, KUR divers Andy Pitkin and Matt Vinzant conducted an exploration dive in Twin Dees Cave. The objective was to look at a south lead in the Twin Dees/ Weeki Wachee Connection Passage, that was identified by Brett B Hemphill and Andy in September 2014. After 300′ at a depth of

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